Do you need storage insurance?

We require that all customer’s goods are insured for the usual risks such as fire and theft etc. We can provide cover at very reasonable rates. Please contact our store for further information.

Can you use your own storage insurance?

Alternatively you can take out your own insurance if you wish but this must cover goods being placed in self storage. Not all household insurances cover you whilst your possessions are in a self storage facility so please check the terms of your policy include self storage insurance and provide us with evidence of this cover if you are not using ours. 

Any insurance must cover goods stored in our facility and name Ustore Holbrook as the company you are storing at, along with the full postal address of our premises. It is your responsibility to keep your storage unit insurance documentation valid and up to date. 

What you can’t store at Ustore

Unfortunately, you are not allowed to store the following items at Ustore

~Toxic, pollutant or contaminated goods

~Firearms, munitions or explosives

~Radioactive materials

~Flammable or hazardous goods

~Living plants or animals

~Food or perishable goods

~Cash and securities

~Illegal goods